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Birthdate:May 17
Location:Alaska, United States of America
Website:gypsy_sally on LJ
Writer. Reader. Dreamer. Mover and shaker. Listener. Reveler. Singer. Lover of the absurd and, equally, the soul-shaking. Fan of beauty in all of it's forms, even the ugly ones. Extremist. Hobo. Fangirl. Gypsy.

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28 days later, aesop rock, almodovar, angel the series, atmosphere, ats, bad wizard, batman begins, battlestar galactica, be good tanyas, better off dead, black heart procession, blackalicious, boondock saints, bsg, btvs, buffy the vampire slayer, cannibal: the musical, carcass, children of men, chronicles of riddick, dead like me, desperado, dirty dancing, dog soldiers, dollhouse, donnie darko, dressed to kill, drunken master, dystopia, el mariachi, emmylou harris, evil dead, extremism, faun fables, firefly, fong sai yuk, food-nerding, freakwater, friday night lights, fuck work, ghetto boys, gingersnaps, gothic, grosse point blank, guy clark, hank, hellraiser: hellbound, herbalism, hero, high on fire, hit by a car, infernal affairs, iron maiden, iron man, jerry jeff walker, joanna newsome, johnny cash, kara thrace's cigar, karl agathon's arms, kungfu hustle, legend of the seeker, leverage, life on mars, lord of the rings, man man, mirrormask, mutant chronicles, near dark, nuetral milk hotel, old boy, old crow medicine show, once upon a time in china, once upon a time in mexico, ong bak, pan's labyrinth, pitch black, ravenous, ronon dex's swagger, roy orbison, serenity, severence, shaolin soccer, shaun of the dead, shed alfred, sin city, singing, sleepytime gorilla museum, songs you can cry for, stage beauty, stargate: atlantis, strong and strange vocalizations, supernatural, sympathy for lady vengeance, talk to her, thad cockrell and caitlin cary, the band, the black donnellys, the coup, the dark knight, the descent, the gourds, the hellacopters, the maelstrom, the notebook, the order, the pogues, the princess and the warrior, the sure thing, the way of the gun, theatre of tragedy, three extremes, tideland, tombstone, too many to name, townes van zandt, trouble every day, tully, turbo negro, uncle tupelo, veronica mars, violent femmes, walking, whiskeytown, whole eating, wilco, women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, wonderfalls, writing
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