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I just got really, really sad about Samuel Anders. I understand the hybrid arc, and I think it was clever, but really, inside, I'm just like a baby with one of it's favorite toys taken away. WHAAAAAAAAAH.

I want fic. I want hybrid!Sam, but somehow still cognizant. I want him mentally and physically removing himself from the barriers of being the hybrid. I want continuation. I hate thinking that Sam is PRESENT, but SO VERY NOT. He's there, but his story, as a thinking, loving, hurting, fighting man/cylon is over. I want it to continue, against the odds. Because he's Sam Fucking Anders, y'all.

Can someone make this happen?

And then we'll talk about Kara, eh?

PS-Speaking of Miz Thrace, can anyone recommend some good post-series fic? Preferably Kara, or Kara/Lee-centric, with ensemble appearances? Yes, no, maybe?